ECPI is an in service training for church planters and those who are involved in church planting initiatives.


To empower those who are involved in church planting initiatives, with:

Encouragement for obedience to the call and perseverance in the ministry.

Reinforcement of a good biblical church planting theology.

Guidance on church planting methodology and practice.



ECPI works in 3 different tracks:

Online and CD-ROM 30 hour course (Theology and Strategies of Church Planting) covering the 3 main areas – Encouragement, Reinforcement and Methodology. See:

Online Forum – A free area to talk, discuss and share experience and methods among those who are involved in church planting initiatives. See:

Strategic emails, feeding those involved in CP initiatives with relevant articles, texts and comments on the subject. Register your email at

Coordinators: Ronaldo & Rossana Lidorio

Ronaldo & Rossana Lidorio are the ICMC (International Consultants of Missiology and Church Planting) of WEC International.  They served in Ghana for 9 years as church planters and Bible translators among the Konkomba-Bimonkpeln people where several churches were planted.  During that period they were also involved in different social projects.  In 2002 they started the WEC Amazon field with a focus on church planting among the unreached tribes in the Amazon.  Their team planted churches in 6 different tribes and continue to work in 12 of them.  Rossana is a trained nurse and also has a degree in Missiology.  Ronaldo has a degree in Theology and Missiology, and a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology.  They are from the Presbyterian Church of Brazil (APMT Mission Board) and serve as consultants also to other missionary agencies in Missiology and church planting. They are both Brazilians, have 2 children (Vivianne and Ronaldo Junior) and live in Manaus, Amazon – Brazil.